Buying A Suit Online – 7 Tips You Can Use Right Now

Buying a suit online can seem like a daunting task to the inexperienced buyer. Reasons for this can include fears of: identity theft, fraud, and unknown shipping costs. However, with a few useful strategies you can dramatically limit your risk and make the online shopping process as fun as your brick and mortar experiences.nnUse a secure server when making purchases online. Using a secure server will keep nasty trojans and viruses from stealing your personal information.nnBuy from a trustworthy source. One way to do this is to buy from a company that is recommended from a reputable source. Also read what others who have purchased from the company have to say about it.nnDetermine what your shipping costs will be before you make your purchase. The vendor should be upfront about all costs before the sale is made. This practice will eliminate any unwanted surprises.nnKnow your measurements in advance. Knowing your measurements is important in determining what size suit you will need to purchase. Guessing at your measurements can lead to disappointment and ultimately will not solve your problem of needing to purchase a suit to wear.nnMake sure there are plenty of pictures in the listing. Online retailers should provide you with a minimum of four pictures. You will want to see both the front and back of the jacket, along with the front and back of the pants.nnMake sure the seller has a good return policy. A normal return policy should state that you have somewhere between 15 – 30 days to return the item. Fifteen days is adequate but keep in mind the longer the policy, the better.nnUse a credit card to make your online purchases. Credit card companies will help protect you against fraud and will fight for you if you cannot get a refund. Also many credit card companies offer cash back on purchases which will save you some money.

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